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Tool Making Intensive

Tool Making Intensive
Hand-plane, Milled Brass Hammer & Stock Scraper

This course will show you how to combine wood, steel and brass into timeless hand tools. Thorkild Hansen combines his highly experienced skills of woodworking and jewelery making to give you an opportunity to create some personalized hand tools as well as the satisfaction that the knowledge gained in this course will be useful in future projects, enabling you to make what tool you need without having to buy let alone find the right one for the job.

In the 5 day Tool Making Course you will make three simple hand tools that you will enjoy using for the years ahead.

  • Hand Milled Hammer – milling and shaping your hammer from brass and native hardwood.
  • Hand Crafted Hand Plane – Craft yourself a specialist plane from hardwood which will shape or smooth the wood in ways that off the shelf planes don’t. This includes shaping, hardening and tempering a blade from high carbon steel.
  • Stock Scraper – This is an essential tool for chair making and curves; it’s similar to a spokeshave yet versatile in a way that the spokeshave is not. Made from spring steel, brass and hardwood. A great hand tool that can execute final shaping before finishing.

Course Dates
25th February – 1st March 2019

Course Fee
$1200 including all materials & blades
Tutor: Thorkild Hansen


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Tool Making Intensive - Centre for Fine Woodworking
Tool Making Intensive - Centre for Fine Woodworking