Introduction to Tiny House / Ship’s Cabinetry

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Introduction to Tiny House / Ship’s Cabinetry

When trying to incorporate all the amenities of a full sized house into a space the size of a large bedroom, there are many considerations. One of the most important of these is cabinetry and storage. Understanding the restrictions and construction principles of cabinetry in a non-uniform space will give you the skills needed to conceive of and build interiors for tiny houses and boats.

This intensive course is designed for people who already have some woodworking experience who wish to make the switch to building tiny houses and boat interiors. Students will learn the differences between regular furniture and fitted/interior furniture for a small space and how to organize and build a space within a nonlinear structure. There will be a focus on how cabinetry and furniture should be built for a concentrated space with special consideration for withstanding extreme environments and jarring travels. We will also cover dimensional differences and multi-functional furniture. We will explore the construction of furniture and cabinetry and how it differs from standard assembly. Students will finish this course understanding not only how to build ergonomic and attractive interiors, but also how to revitalize a dysfunctional small space.

This course is not suitable for beginning woodworkers, therefore an Introduction to Woodworking course or equivalent woodworking experience is recommended.

Course Dates
3rd – 7th February 2019

Course Fee
$995 plus timber costs

Tony Grove


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Introduction to Tiny House / Ship’s Cabinetry
Introduction to Tiny House / Ship’s Cabinetry

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