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Master Classes – Michael Fortune

Tutor: Michael Fortune

We are delighted to announce that Michael Fortune will return to teach here again in Summer 2017 offering two master classes after his six week Artist in Residence & Open Studio Programme.

27th, 28th February & 1st March 2017

3-10th March 2017


5 Ways to Form Wood
Course Dates
27th, 28th February & 1st March 2017

Course Fee
$795 including all materials

The ability to bend wood to exact shapes opens up an incredible range of exciting possibilities for woodworkers. Chair parts, table aprons, cabinet doors, sports equipment, musical instruments and sculptures can be made with precisely bent curved components.

This workshop will give you the information and hands-on experience you need to apply the most appropriate bending technique for any application. Steambending, laminating, vacuum forming, hot pipe bending and kerf bending will all be demonstrated, even when to simply bandsaw curves will be explained. Choosing the right wood species, how to cure and stabilize bent parts and the methods for hand working or safely machining curves will also be covered. Each wood bending workstation will remain set up so that the participants can hone their newfound skills or continue to push the limits of the various techniques. This is an action packed three day course that will take the guesswork out of bending wood and will make a great addition to your bag of woodworking tricks. "If you can create a shape with a strip of paper without creasing it or tearing it you can bend a piece of wood to the same shape", come and learn how!

Michael Fortune designs and makes furniture with very few straight lines. Based on forty years of experience he has written and demonstrated extensively on wood forming techniques.

Discovering Space Inside and out
Course Dates
3-10th March 2017

Course Fee
$2120 including an allocation of $150 for materials

We all collect possessions; some are mundane, some intimate, others laden with special meaning. Cabinets can present, store, conceal, surprise, perform, transform, categorize, console and even intimidate. Students will explore different ways of coping with possessions, ours or someone else’s - whether it's socks, pencils, intimate letters, butterflies, vinyl records or clothing, even ashes. Perhaps it’s one solitary item? Each person is asked to bring things they wish to store, conceal or present. It may be housed in a free standing form, wall hung or in something that is mobile.

Students will be working in solid wood, veneered panels and allied materials to complete our cabinet forms. Traditional joinery and new processes will be used. Construction techniques from the best way to the fastest way will be covered. Clamping strategies for flat panels to a variety of formed surfaces will be included. Clear finishes, painting, patination techniques, dyes or texturing will be used.

Daily demonstrations will take place, from hand tool and machine joinery to wood forming, hinging techniques, drawer construction and making hidden compartments. The fundamentals of solid wood construction and veneer work will be covered. Hanging and finishing cabinets will be discussed.


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Master Classes – Michael Fortune

Master Classes – Michael Fortune

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