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Master Class 1 – The Linguini Stool

Course Dates
6th/7th/8th/9th October 2018

Course Fee
$1060 including timber materials (not fabric)

This stool can be made in many different variations for different purposes. From a workshop stool to counter height stools for use in a kitchen.

The construction revolves around four identical pieces supporting the top. The top can be solid wood, a band sawn shape, an upholstered top and even a top that can spin around.

The shape of the base can be easily modified to appear as Arts and Crafts, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Nouveau or your very own style. Lots of opportunities for hand or machine shaping and different finishes.

The footrest is steambent. One spiral piece can be provided for each participant and there will be a demonstration on how to do it in your own workshop using nothing more than a household tea kettle and a shop made compression strap and form. The spiral shape gives the user a variety of footrest heights. It is secured in a notch on each leg and secures all four legs.

You will learn:

  • Design and construction of jigs for the table saw, bandsaw, router and drill press.
  • Joinery
  • Safe use of machines
  • Upholstery techniques
  • Finishing techniques
  • Hand shaping wood with rasps and spokeshaves
  • Steambending techniques including bending 3D spirals
  • Anthropometrics of stool design


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The Linguini Stool
The Linguini Stool

The Linguini Stool
The Linguini Stool